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Local SEO Services in Chicago, IL

Our local search engine optimization (SEO) services are designed to:

    1. Get your business found online
    2. For the keywords that drive new customers
    3. In your local service area
Expand online exposure with internet marketing and website design. Let your business grow with our services!
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Our goal is to get you more leads from your website and online-based sources.

We achieve this by:

  1. Building or reformatting a website designed to convert
    1. Poorly structured websites will not convert. We do a thorough analysis to see if your website is structured and performing correctly.
  2. Targeting multiple keyword types (general and service-based) in a specific local area
    1. Dentist Naperville, IL
    2. Porcelain Veneers Naperville, IL
  3. Driving local reviews and building trust
    1. Reviews drive business. Reviews on your website are nice, but do very little for trust. We target 3rd party websites (Google, Yelp, and other niche specific directories) and put a plan in place to build quality reviews and manage less-than-favorable reviews.
  4. Increasing internet website authority
    1. Structure allows your website to rank, authority influences where it ranks. Authority is built by trustworthy sources linking to you.
  5. Promoting your website in multiple search locations and on multiple channels:
    1. Locations: Organic, Local, Paid. Not familiar with these locations in Google search? Click here
    2. Channels: search, social media marketing, email marketing

We go beyond standard SEO services of just getting your website to rank, we actually market your website to convert. This is very important to getting the most out of your online marketing campaign.

Which businesses benefit from local SEO

Local SEO is for any business that has a local service area in which they visit, or an office in which others visit. Common local SEO clients are: dentists, contractors, attorneys, and car dealerships

How is Local SEO Different?

Local SEO differs from a standard national campaign by being focused on delivering or providing a service to a region. The campaign is not focused on being found outside of a region because it cannot deliver or provide those services to those customers. For example, a Chicago dentist being found for ‘local dentist’ in Dallas will not do it any good.

A national campaign is typically for online shopping stores where good can be delivered anywhere in the country or the world, so that campaign would benefit from being found from searchers everywhere.

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Leanne Valdes

Jeff is easy to work with, explains things in a way the non-tech savvy can easily understand and gave me all of the tools I needed to grow my small business. I would highly recommend working with Adapt on your website and tech needs.

Leanne Valdes Owner- You Name It Events