Anatomy of Google Search Traffic

Outlined below is a common Google search broken down into potential marketing sections: Pay Per Click (PPC), Google My Business, and Organic Search. A Search Term is what drives the result. All of these sections will provide different results based on your Detected Location. Google also provides Related Searches to help you in your search efforts. The Pagination allows you to move to additional pages, but numerous studies have shown that the majority of clicks are made within the top 3 results of the Google organic section.

Within organic results, your business can display from your website, directory sites (Yelp, Merchant Circle), from social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), and from images – to name the main few. A thorough internet marketing approach would seem to point at inclusion in all 4, and as many times as possible. Sound good? Well that is exactly how we approach our internet marketing strategy.

Anatomy of Google Search - Internet Marketing