Social Media Marketing

Social media sites are an excellent source of communication, lead generation, and search engine optimization for your business. Social Media helps your audience stay informed on new promotions, products, company news, and upcoming events, making it easier to get important information regarding your business to your customers. In addition, social media websites are lead generators, funneling people directly to your site for products, services, and special offers. Social references, posts, and engagements are also highly taken into account from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and can help improve SEO.

Our social media services include:

  1. Creating visually appealing social media sites
  2. Building a marketable audience (targeted likes, followers, and connections)
  3. Reaching and engaging that audience (posts, shares, comments) to fulfill defined social-based goals (lead generation, company awareness, promotion)
  4. Monthly reporting, improvement, and monitoring

Social Media Management

Regular activity is important for social media marketing, but just making posts is not good enough. Knowing how, when, to whom, and on what is what makes the difference between a successful campaign and just wasting time and resources.

Not all social media sites are right for all businesses. In our initial consultation, we will suggest how social media can help your business, and which routes we recommend for the best result. Each social media site can have unique strengths for a business, and each social media account should be managed from a unique point of view, for example: LinkedIn to connect with professionals, Facebook for customer engagement, Twitter for topic discussion, Pinterest for product lead generation, and YouTube for authority and SEO placement. These are simply a few ideas and technique in which social media management can help you, contact us to learn more.