Website Design & Development

websiteToday a website is an essential to any business. With more people using the internet as a source for products, reviews, phone numbers, directions, menus, and countless other factors that relate to your business, not having a website (or having a poor website) can be a major determining factor in converting business.

Your website truly represents your business. Design, layout, functionality, and accessibility play a big role someone’s first impression with your establishment. A sloppy, old, dysfunctional website can lead someone to believe that your organization is run the same way. It is important to properly represent your business online the same way you represent it at the storefront. For an online-only business, this becomes increasingly more important because your website is your main storefront.

Our website builds are not only functional and beautiful, but they are 100% yours and built on a well respected, user-friendly content management system. A content management system (CMS) provides a visual layout for making website changes that is much easier to understand then viewing the HTML/PHP code itself.

100% Yours

Many website design firms sell you on a website and keep your website hostage. Since they build your website on “proprietary content management software,” they legally do not have to fully release your website to you. Future updates then must go though them and they most always highly overcharge you for minor changes. In many cases, they also acquire your Domain Name ( and they host your website so you have absolutely no control. If you leave the firm, they can basically shut down your website and leave you with nothing.

Websites built by Adapt Internet Marketing are 100% yours. You will own the domain, you will own full rights to your website, and any future updates are completely up to you on who you want to do them. You will be provided with ALL the logins to access and change any part of your website however you see fit in the future. If you’d like it’s us to make updates, great, if not, feel free to use any trusting developer.

Easy to Use, Customizable Interface

Wordpress Page View

We build our websites on the popular content management system interface, WordPress. WordPress is a very user-friendly interface that allows many superficial updates to be easily performed even with 0 HTML skill. Performing your own site updates can be liberating, empowering, immediate, and most importantly, cost effective. If you are able to login to your online banking, then you will be able to make text updates to your website. All new website builds come with training on how to login to your new site and how to make text updates, add images to galleries, and update and approve reviews (when applicable).

Mobile Websites

We offer options to build your next website on new website coding technology, HTML 5, which allows “responsive websites.” Responsive websites can auto adjust to fit any size screen, including desktops, laptops, tablets, or phones, so the need for a separate mobile site is unnecessary. You will simply have one website that automatically adjusts to any devise.

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